Therapeutics Initiative from UBC site revamp now live.

After months of work, and planning, we are proud to release the redesigned, and restructured, Therapeutics Initiative from the University of British Columbia (

The original site was build on Drupal, but needed a lot of changes to make it better, including best practices for content creation, and organization. We created some key areas of focus, and delivered a better site. This is just the first phaze of this project, as there are still tasks at hand to integrate more features before long. 


Jump! The World's Greatest Streakers Released

Small Robot has been working with documentary filmmakers Dan Emery and Mathieu Wacowich to redesign the site for their film Jump! The World's Greatest Streakers. On of the main things considered with this design is to continue the theme from the DVD and Poster marketing materials, and make it flow with a web interface. We think we have done a good job, and hope you do as well. The site is now live powered by Drupal and Ubercart at


Building with Drupal in Vancouver

Small Robot is in a great place when it comes to design, development and site building. We are located in Vancouver, B.C., which is one of the most inspiring places to live around the world. With the mountains and ocean all around you, it is hard not to find inspiration where ever you look. The Drupal community in Vancouver is also very strong, allowing us to network with some great people, while enjoying the scenery here. It's perfection in a word.

If you are interested in joining us at a user group meeting, check out the official user group,

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