Small Robot and Drupal

Today there is a demand by clients & site visitors to have sites with more dynamic content & features. With that in mind we have started moving the sites to a "Content Management System" that we can deploy and be confident in the features it has. We have built sites with many different CMS systems, including Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal, as well as building our own custom systems. With the features that Drupal has for building & developing sites, we felt the choice was right, so we have decided to mainly build sites using the Drupal CMS from this point forward.

The use of Drupal as our main web platform will speed up overall site development, as well as provide the power of the Open Source community that backs it. With Drupal, we have the power to handle large sites like the site, all the way down to a simple blog. I am sure you will be as happy as we are with this decision.